Dr. Noel Yeoh Talks About the Experience

God’s hand in His work showed itself from the very start of the outreach trip when my bag with the medicine for the work was “selected” for further examination by the custom at the airport I was initially rather anxious I prayed in my heart, Lord, the medicines were giving for your work and you have promised that anything that is done with you in mind will not fail. Throughout the “interrogation” I keep asking for wisdom so that I may say the correct things which He wants. God is always there to His word. His medicines were released and I was safe. That set the tone for the outreach. The authorities at the outreach place were an unknown factor and being the “worrier” that I was, again I was anxious. I needed to trust God more-I asked for his forgiveness for being of “so little in faith”. Again everything went smoothly. At the clinic all arrangements were very good. During the ministry I felt the need to inject something to let the people know that we were doing it to show God’s love for them. “Let your light shine” There was no resistance to my wishing God’s blessings on them as the consultation finished. They understood what I said and I hope that God has planted His seed in each one of them. I found the most depressing thing is their helplessness because of their poverty-unable to help themselves because of their poverty. They have been thru the wars and the government has failed to provide them with the basic healthcare. We must pray that God will move the government to recognize their peoples’ suffering and provide them with the healthcare they deserve. More importantly that the government will loosen their need to be in control of everything and let God be in charge of the peoples’ spiritual health. For instance there was a lady with breast cancer. It was obviously treatable and she needs very much to get it seen to with some degree of urgency. I pray that the church will see this as an opportunity to bring her and her family to our Greatest Healer-Jesus Christ who will save not only her life but give her eternal life as well. It was a good out-reach and wonderful to work with God’s people in this work to “let His light shine” and bring some hope to the Vietnamese. 

-Dr. Noel Yeoh

Chang Weng Sengs

I am so amazed how God has put this mission outreach team together. Although we have not met or know each other for some of us, prior to this trip, I can see God’s mighty hand at work in calling each team member onboard for this trip. I’m also amazed how we were able to work together even though for some of us, it’s our first time serving and doing God’s work together in an unknown and strange land not knowing what to expect. It’s been an eye opener for me as I learn to appreciate the role & contribution of each team member who without much publicity are willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of the mission. A special thanks to Tim & Julia for the amount of planning and consultation and networking that has to be put in place before all things can run so smoothly and well. I am so thankful that God has answered our prayers by preparing the hearts of the authority, the people, and the church leaders. Their cooperation and acceptance of us speak volumes about how God has prepared them to receive us and to accept what we have to offer to them in Jesus name.

-Chan Weng Seng