Harvest Field: Knowing the sacrifice and joy that come with good work, we are passionate about helping anyone who wants to have a life-changing cross-cultural experience. People who have gone away on a cross-cultural trip have often come back with a changed worldview. Expecting to go out and change the world,  teams that come home have often discovered that they were the ones most changed from this experience.

So whether if you are already organized with a team or if you are interested in good work but have no clue where to begin, we can help you get a kick-start. Being that we have been working in this region, we can offer you free consultation. For further assistance, we can arrange travel for individuals and C-groups with our online booking services.

 Explore Tours: Many people have gone on vacation to relax, not having a purpose in mind, while others have gone on a trip, not having some time to unwind. However, it is our desire that through these organized explore tours you would not only be on a goal-oriented spiritual but also have the luxury to revel in the wonders of God creation at the same time as well.
Prior to going on the trip, those who sign up must be spiritually prepared, be able to enjoy the environment we are going into, as well as being flexible with the personal goals being set. A glimpse into what you would be expecting of this tour:

We will be offering an initial briefing at the starting of our tour—an overview of our trip, the history and background of the area being toured. The remainder portion of the prayer tours will be dedicated to building team work, devotion, survey, outreach if situation permitted, and sightseeing throughout. There will be certain areas of the tour package where we will be going just for relaxation alone. In the course of the tour, you will be given specific information of what need to be prayed for as well as being warmly cared for and accompanied by us, the directors of the tour. Once the tour has been completed, there will be a group debriefing and review to see what God has revealed to one’s hearts.

Community & Medical Trip: We will be doing medical outreach to the poor and needy in certain area, combining with teamwork, devotion, testimonies, sightseeing, and fun activities when time permits. Also, if there are special projects that we can contribute to in the community we are outreaching, we will offer our assistance. Some examples of special projects are: ―getting water pipe lines in order to channel water from the mountains, building small homes, providing sup-port or manpower to dig a well. If you desire to be a part of this trip, come with the mindset that is spiritually prepared and flexible, and be ready to be immersed into the richness of the local culture and customs. Most of all, be aware that there are no high expectation, other than to glorify God. Transportation, food, and accommodations will be arranged before-hand. Tours for simple enjoyment will be conducted when free times are made available.